Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on my parents in law

Let me share a story about my parents in law.

Our Yaya Mila took an emergency leave for two weeks. In that span of time, my parents in law, who are just the kindest in laws one can ever wish for, helped us out in every way possible. They picked up Tara every morning from our house and brought her home to us at night. When they brought her home, Tara had already washed up, brushed her teeth, and was all ready for bed. My mother in law also made sure that she brought packed ulam for me and my husband so we didn't have to cook the following day. She also brought other things for us, like rice, fruits, chicken, vegetables, onion, garlic, cooking oil, etc. so that we would not have to go to the grocery.

One morning, as i was getting ready for work, my in laws arrived at our house quite earlier than usual. My mother in law announced that she was going to get our clothes that needed to be washed because she'll ask her household help to wash them for us. I regularly bring our clothes to the laundry shop except for the delicate ones, like my blouses and my husband's shirts that I prefer to be handwashed. So since Ate Mila was on leave, i knew I had to be the one to wash these. My mother in law was just heaven sent because I really did not know where I'd get the time and energy to be able to wash our clothes. So that morning, I packed our laundry, placed them in their van, and two days after.. our clothes came back, neatly folded, some of them properly pressed and hanged.

This is just one of the many stories I have about how nice they have always been to me. I know it's quite unusual for in law's to be that supportive. So I also try to be a very nice and supportive daughter in law to them. I had, in the past, often been misinterpreted by other family members because of my closeness to them. I know that my intentions of caring too much for them, had been questioned. But the truth is that..they treat me like their own and I'm just very grateful.

My mommy in law, Mommy Lina.
Photo by my husband, Joel.


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you are so fortunate to have nice in laws.

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