Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekends without Yaya

My daughter’s Yaya takes every weekend off. She leaves every Saturday afternoon and comes back on Monday mornings. Since I do not have any other help in the house, my weekends are spent being actually hands on to Tara and doing household chores. Weekends can be tiring because they do not give me the chance to actually catch up on sleep or my reading, or anything else I’d like to do for myself. Difficult as it can be, it ironically feels wonderful to have that opportunity to just be a mommy and nothing else. For two days a week, I get to do everything for Tara and with Tara. I get to bathe her, cook for her, play with her, argue with her, scold her and put her to time out if necessary. These are the things I do not get to do much on weekdays, being the working mommy that I am. My weekends remind me of the difficulties and the sheer happiness that only motherhood can bring. And though it’s tiring to spend my supposedly “rest days” having to watch over a four year old, I would never trade them for any other day of the week.