Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tara's drawing

My little girl likes to draw. You can give her some paper and coloring materials and she'll be able to entertain herself for quite some time. She has also started to label her drawings on her own.

Here is a sample which she made last night...

"Ninang Karen, and Mommy, and Tara. We are wearing big earrings and we have flowers on our dresses for loving"...Tara, May 12, 2008


Michelle said...

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. My sons, when they were younger thought and painted like Da Vinci so they end up drawing on my walls, finally solved that by putting up manila paper on the walls. ;)

Eds said...

Heheheh, ur kid is artistic, nakuha pa nya e detail ang drawings nya ha :)

{girl}forallstatus said...

My daughter is also fond of drawing. In fact, that's what she does almost all the time. By the way, would you like to join my project. Nothing serious. This is just for fun. Some may even call it a tag but I want to make it more personal. I will publish it on my blog with the whole pics and accompanying write-up. I plan to do this monthly with a different topic for each month. Here's the link: you

janet said...


your child is very artistic. that's great.

btw, i just tagged you. i hope it's okay:

theworkingmom said...

Your little girl is very artistic! :)

OT: Wanna join the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival? The 3rd edition call for articles is here

Hope you can join!


Imagination said...

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